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Executive Team

From San Francisco to Halifax N.S., Ponce P.R. to Wausau WI. Theo.Tainter will help Establish a Picker News Office or Franchise!

THEO.TAINTER INNOVATOR AND TRUE BELIVER IN "THE SECOND HAND ECONOMY". “Saying I’m not selling anything New to Anybody...But I am By All Rights the Son of a of a True All American Picker Family”. He was raised by Elwood V.Tainter Owner of the West Coasts Coolest Picker Pile and Known as a Collector and Barter King Since 1968.


 Theo's first emersion into the Antique/Gun trade shows back in 1968 observing that Pop's Making $erious Ca$h...It was a 1st hand Experience in the thrill of the Second hand Economy! History and stories of Barter, Swap & Trades and Picking Treasures By Characters who seemed to fit in the Historical Roles of Hero’s and Villians, kings and Queens, Prospectors and Original Settlers of the Wild west and Civil War Veterans! All holding, Buying and Selling Items of rock solid Values some Bartering for Unknown Values and some refraining from Generous Offers with Knowledgeable twinkle in their eye Theo.Tainter Was Hooked at 9 years old  and Never Been Broke for long since! Now Elwood V.Tainter is Grampy  Vinal Tainters son and here are the two Best Known Wheeling Dealing Antique & Gun Traders and Teacher/Mentors a kid could ask for...and the Legacy continues From Salty Down East Maine the Honor and Integrity of simple Fair Square Swap, Trade, Barter and Buying and Selling Vinal & Elwood Showed Everyone they Met The Art of the Deal! Theo. Being #1 protégé.

We enjoyed many years together with The Second Hand Economy's Opportunity for Travel to enjoy the Learning Experiences and History Lessons that seemed Never ending...Any Barn or Yard Sale could turn up an Item that we set on a shelve and Pondered its Origin and sometimes Use! Grampy was seldom really Stumped But Enjoyed waiting till we Did our research and  then filled in the Blanks in unique Stories from Many Previous years of Experiences from Days Bygone Predating Electricity and The 1st Automobiles! so I believe 45 years Of this type of experience Qualifies Me as a True All American Picker!

Allow Me to introduce you to Modern techniques and tools of the trade we use to Excellence and we share the WIN/WIN Policy of Hard working, Honest Family Traditions of the DownEast Maine Folks version of The Art Of The Deal and THE PICKER NEWS!

Bonnie Perry

BUSY BONNIE PERRY IS OUR SHINING STAR! She is the friendly face of Our Customer Support and the #1 reason Our Ebay Feedbacks Have remained 100% Positive ! and she's also the Backseat editor, a true Biochemical computer of Endless Energy Infused into Our Ebay and Online Sales...But Most efficient at Creating the Story behind Items Via Research and Hard Core Queries into the Realms of **What's it Worth** this Alone makes our Collectors Respect the asking Price, Thus Our Sales Are Risk free and Fair and Square in the Tradition of Picker News...Any Questions can be directed to Busy Bonnie Her Quote here is " The only Stupid question Is The One YOU DON'T ASK".